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Fall Career Fair
Student Registration

Date: Thursday,  September 21st, 2023
Time: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM MST 
Location: Student Pavilion Senita Ballrooms ABC

In order for students to attend, you must be a paid SCMA member for the current school year (register through the Member Info tab--> Membership Registration) and registered for the event through Handshake.


Do I need to be a SCM major to attend?

SCMA does not require that you are a Supply Chain Management major to attend our career fair. Our only requirement for attending is that you are a paid member and a current student at ASU.

What companies will be there?

Once student registration opens, you will be able to view the complete attending company list on Handshake. Make sure to do your research and come prepared!

I'm a freshman... Can I attend the career fair?

Absolutely! We encourage students of all years to attend for the invaluable networking and connection building experience. This is an opportunity to learn! 

How else can I get involved with the Career Fair?

Want to earn some extra Active Member Points? We will be looking for volunteers throughout the event on both Wednesday and Thursday (9/20-9/21), so keep an eye out for our volunteer sign-up! Also, don't miss out on our Career Fair Mock Interview Workshop. More information coming via SCMA Newsletter.

Our Tips For Success


Update your resume. Format, spell-check, and keep it to 1 page max.


Attend our Career Fair Prep General Meeting. 


Sign up for our Career Fair Mock Interview Workshop.


Research the company list of attendees and find your interests.


Prepare your Business Professional dress and print copies of your resume!

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